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Hi Honey, here are some tips to keep your jewellery looking brand new for longer!

Although our jewellery is Stainless Steel / 14-18k Gold Plated and 925 Sterling Silver, it is important to note that the plating can wear away over time.

Whilst the jewellery is waterproof and doesn't rust or tarnish - the less showers the jewellery is exposed to the longer it will last. 

Avoid wearing your jewellery in the ocean, saunas, chlorine pools and keep out of the way of perfumes and using harsh soaps as prolonged exposure to chemicals can decay the quality and gold plating. 

We recommend regularly cleaning your jewellery with a soft cloth and storing in a dry place to avoid tarnishing. 

*Earrings in the Stirling Silver collection are safe to wear in shower daily.*

Much Love, Chai. x